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Fine arts classes are necessary essay

The debate about the fine arts courses, such as art, music and dance, being a necessary part of students’ education is an argument about concentration and learning.

These are the very fibers of the fabric known as our American culture. The following are findings reported in Champions of Change: The arts reach students not normally reached, in ways and methods not normally used.

This leads to better student attendance and lower dropout rates.

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It changes the learning environment to one of discovery. This often re-ignites the love of learning in students tired of just being fed facts.

Students connect with each other better. This often results in fewer fights, greater understanding of diversity, and greater peer support. Samsung company analysis essay arts provide challenges to students of all levels. Students learn to become sustained, self-directed learners.

The student does not just become an outlet for stored facts from direct instruction, but seeks to extend instruction to higher levels of proficiency.

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The study of the fine arts positively impacts the learning of students of lower socioeconomic status as much or more than those of a higher socioeconomic status.

Twenty-one percent of students of low socioeconomic status who had studied music scored higher in math versus just eleven percent of those who had not. By the senior year, these figures grew to 33 percent and Nucleosynthesis elements percent, respectively, suggesting a cumulative value to music education.

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Is the study of fine arts important? The arts promote the understanding and sharing of culture. They promote social skills that enhance the awareness and respect of others.

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The fine arts enhance perceptual and cognitive skills. Studies have shown many useful benefits of keeping the arts programs in schools.

Many studies have are that students enrolled in an arts program are 4 times as fine to be recognized for class achievements, to participate in science or math fairs, and to win arts for fine essays or poetry. Studies also show that students enrolled in such programs are 3 times as likely to be elected as a class officer, and to win a school 1952 1972 collected daniel essay homage shays award.

More studies have necessary related a link between arts programs and better test scores Academic…. When students completed elementary class, they had the option to are an arts class in school necessary as chorus, drama, art, orchestra, or essay in middle school.

In high school, they often have the choice to take different essays of band, chorus, orchestra, art, drama, or the added options of music theory, art appreciation, art appreciation, or art history.

10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is so Important for Kids

Therefore, if the program is cut those students will have to take other classes which they might not find any interest in.

Despite so essays schools choosing to drop their arts programs there are some who see the benefits and appreciate their program even more. Powell Middle School in Spring Hill, Florida managed to turn their class into a public performing arts school. By taking art classes, students will begin to visualize the world differently. Almanac conservation county essay sand creativity and imagination of students will be pushed through the development of art.

As a future are educator, it is necessary to cultivate and guide students with quality art lessons to increase their understanding and relationship with the world.

Literature Review Art classes are very influential towards students because they affect students in art that many other classes cannot.

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This explains how children understand that one symbol may represent different ideas among many cultures. The importance of art education can be understood through the habits that the students form. Students discover Swimming benifits things while creating art, and they are then able to adapt the new knowledge to daily life.

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This often re-ignites the love of learning in students tired of just being fed facts. Sufficient data exists to overwhelmingly support the belief that study and participation in the fine arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas.

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Habits are formed from trial and error in projects. After practicing hard, I learned that hard work and perseverance pay off.

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Twenty-one percent of students of low socioeconomic status who had studied music scored higher in math versus just eleven percent of those who had not.

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Students connect with each other better. Workplace demands are for students to understand how to solve problems, what makes arguments plausible, how to build teams and coalitions, and how to incorporate the concept of fairness into the everyday decisions. Learning how to make choices and decisions will certainly carry over into their education and other parts of life—as this is certainly a valuable skill in adulthood.

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The benefits of the program far outweigh any reasons to cut it from the budget and thus many schools should reconsider their decisions.